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    Our firm created a limited scope legal services division, NC Legal Forms powered by Brewington Law Firm. NC Legal Forms launched to help North Carolina residents and small businesses eliminate risks associated with DIY legal forms. Start a business, run a business, draft a will or trust, create a lease, or complete an uncontested divorce with

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  • Advocate, Defend, Problem Resolution

    Advocate, Defend, Problem Resolution is more than our motto, it speaks to the essence of the firm and the culture that is being built within. The intent of the Brewington Law Firm, PLLC’s website is to give you enough information about the firm’s purpose and the attorneys. Please take a moment to review the site before calling for legal services.
    Learn how legal insurance provides affordable access to legal help.

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  • Our Services

    The Brewington Law Firm, PLLC is a civil law firm, helping individuals, entrepreneurs, creatives and small businesses. We seek to partner with you as you grow in the following areas:

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  • Our Experience

    The Brewington Law Firm, PLLC was founded in 2009. The firm was created to disrupt the traditional law firm model. We understand the traditional law firm model but like all other industries, innovation will eventually influence the way business is conducted. Foreseeing the changes in the legal industries, lead to a client-focused, technology-influenced law firm. Click on the link to schedule a consultation.

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Advocate, Defend, Problem Resolution!

Our motto is "Advocate, Defend, Problem Resolution" because it represents our partnership approach to being your legal representative. In the modern, litigious world, you need to move throughout life cognizant of the legal perils that may lay dormant in your path.  The Brewington Law Firm, PLLC will work with you as your legal position changes.


The Brewington Law Firm, PLLC's definition of advocate is being client-focused to determine the client's needs, thereafter using all available resources to help the client achieve the end result of those identified needs.  You need a strong advocate in your corner, we think the advocate should be client-focused.


For every legal matter, there is at least one adverse party, or there may be one in the future. An adverse party can be anyone involved that may have an interest in your matter. Your best interests include understanding the areas that may need defending and identifying potential adverse parties, regardless of whether there is currently an adverse party involved. 


Problems are a reality in life. You are either seeking legal help because of, or trying to avoid, a problem.  Unfortunately, problems even arise as you are pursuing your legal matters. Our basis to resolve problems is a strong understanding of the law, but understanding the law does not give client's peace of mind that the new and old problems are being resolved.  We rely heavily on project management techniques to resolve, because most matters are essentially small (or large) projects. Further, project management principles include a customer focus component; which is part of the Brewington Law Firm, PLLC's Mission Statement.

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